Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On The GOP’s Health Care Plan

Republicans in Washington, D.C. are bringing back health care repeal — the same repeal that Pennsylvanians protested over the summer. The same legislation that will increase costs for working families, kick seniors out of their nursing homes, strip care from women, people with pre-existing conditions, and those suffering from a substance use disorder, charge an age tax on older Pennsylvanians, and make prescription drugs unaffordable for millions.

“The American people spent the spring and summer of 2017 making it known to their representatives that health care is a right. Apparently, Republicans weren’t listening. Republicans’ latest attempts to sabotage health care, like the Cassidy-Graham bill, have got to stop,” said Marcel L. Groen, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Through letters and countless phone calls, Americans couldn’t have been more clear: it is time, once and for all, to work on a bipartisan solution to improve the Affordable Care Act by expanding affordable, quality health care for everyone.”

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is also encouraging constituents to contact their representatives and tell them to vote against health care repeal by visiting