Pennsylvanians Protest Trump’s DACA Decision, Call On Congress To Act

President Trump this week decided to end DACA, which would remove nearly 800,000 people from our country, including more than 7,000 Pennsylvanians, who want nothing more than a better life and to contribute to our country.

Trump gave Congress six months to make DACA into law, and Pennsylvanians from across the state went to their local representatives to make it clear that immigrants are welcome here.

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Erie Times-News: Erie protesters urge Kelly to defend DACA

Paige Bosnyak, a field organizer for the organization, held a sign listing demands for Kelly and other lawmakers, including denunciation of Trump’s actions and statements on immigration; opposition to legislation that would fund increased enforcement and a border wall, and support for legislation to defend temporary protected status.

“The cost alone of enforcing mass deportation laws would be huge,” Bosnyak said. “Even more significant are the costs to the economy and the tax base. Dreamers are such a vital part of our economy now. They are working and paying taxes.”

WICU: Supporters of Dreamers Take Demonstration to Congressman Kelly’s Office

WITF: Protesters push PA Republicans to stand with DACA

“No, no–pienso que no,” Perez said when asked if her daughter would be able to find work in Mexico.

“She doesn’t think that she’d be able to make a life there,” Walther-Rodriguez clarified.

Perez spoke from outside US Senator Pat Toomey’s office, where she was rallying with a small group from pro-immigration reform organization CASA.

It was one of over a dozen protests that sprang up at lawmakers’ offices throughout the commonwealth, following the Trump administration’s announcement that it’s going to begin repealing DACA–a key Obama-era immigration program.

Delaware County Daily Local: DACA supporters protest cancellation at Meehan’s office

“If you’re one of these kids or a partner of one of these kids, how are you supposed to live your life?” Leach asked.

He said he was skeptical Congress was going to act.

“This is just gratuitous attacking of children, ripping families apart,” Leach said. “How does a party that says they’re pro-family literally take families and rip them apart?”

KDKA: Protesters Gather Outside Reps. Murphy & Rothfus Offices, Demanding Passage Of DREAM Act

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Dozens show up at legislator’s office to protest president’s plans to end DACA

They sat in a circle, chanting loudly. They banged on the front doors. They left a list of “demands.”

But no one came out to talk with the more than 100 demonstrators “occupying” U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy’s Mt. Lebanon office Wednesday afternoon over the Trump administration’s plans to end DACA -—the Obama-era program protecting the children of undocumented immigrants from deportation.

Organizers didn’t expect to get a response from Mr. Murphy, but that didn’t stop them from demanding the Republican legislator save DACA, denounce the actions of Mr. Trump and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and acknowledge that the Congressman works for his constituents.

6ABC: Protesters swarm offices of local lawmakers over DACA decision

WPSU: Protestors Demand Congressman Thompson Support DACA 

Christine O’Donovan-Zavada organized the protest. She said she hopes the congressman will pass an independent bill to protect nearly 9,000 DACA recipients in Pennsylvania.

The Trump administration announced on Tuesday that they would end DACA and gave congress six months to come up with a legislative solution for the program.

Michael Ozaki, from State College, protested along with his wife and two young daughters.

“This whole issue is about families, right?” Ozaki said. “It’s about people taking the ones they love the most to a place where they can have the best lives possible.”

Pennlive: Protesters take pro-DACA message to Barletta, Toomey and others

The rain didn’t stop them from crowding into U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta’s office to urge him to change his views on immigration. But some expressed doubts it will do any good, saying the only practical action is to vote him out of office.

About two dozen protesters showed up at Barletta’s local office Wednesday as part of protests held around the state and country to persuade members of U.S. Congress to oppose and denounce President Donald Trump’s stances on immigration, and to clear the way for so-called “dreamers” — undocumented immigrants brought here as children — to legally remain in the country.

Doylestown Intelligencer: Photos: Rally to support DACA held outside Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s office in Middletown 

Protesters rallied outside U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s office in Middletown Wednesday against President Trump’s recent decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an immigration policy that allowed certain illegal immigrants who entered the country as children to receive permits to work and avoid deportation.