Trump’s DACA Deal Divides GOP PA Senate Candidates

Addis Attacks Barletta As Career Politician Unable to Compromise

While Congressman Barletta was tying himself in knots attempting to explain Trump’s DACA deal, his Senate primary rival Paul Addis slammed him as a career politician unable to compromise.

See for yourself:

“Since he began running for public office early in the last decade, Congressman Lou Barletta has advertised himself as an immigration hardliner, focusing on that issue nearly to the exclusion of other, more pressing topics. Now he’s running for the United States Senate, on a platform that seemingly begins and ends with serving as an automatic vote for President Trump.”

“Any hope Republican Party bosses in D.C. had of handing Congressman Barletta the nomination have been dashed as the infighting and attacks mount,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. “Between Jeff Bartos’ campaign war chest and Paul Addis’ aggressive attacks, Congressman Barletta is already facing a costly, brutal primary. Barletta’s botched answer on Trump’s DACA deal only further complicates the coronation the D.C. swamp was counting on.”