Barletta Plan Raises Middle Class Taxes While Slashing Medicare, Medicaid

GOP Budget Will Deliver Windfall for Top 1% While Deepening Opioid Crisis

Today, Congressman Lou Barletta celebrated passing a disastrous budget that would raise taxes on millions of middle class Pennsylvanians while slashing Medicare and Medicaid by $1.5 trillion, raising health care costs for seniors and making efforts to combat the opioid crisis all the more difficult.

In response, Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele gave the following statement:

“Under Congressman Lou Barletta’s plan, taxes go up for middle class Pennsylvanians while they’re dramatically slashed for his fellow millionaires. This obscene scheme is a giveaway to large corporations and the wealthy few while hardworking Pennsylvanians pay the price, and reflects how truly misguided Congressman Barletta’s priorities are.”