Congressman Barletta Must Choose: McConnell Or Bannon

Recruited by McConnell, Barletta Can’t Have it Both Ways

Congressman Lou Barletta can no longer hide from the question: will he support Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader?

This morning, details emerged that Congressman Barletta, who was recruited to run by Mitch McConnell, recently met with Steve Bannon in an effort to solicit support for his Senate campaign. This afternoon, Barletta’s Republican rival Jeff Bartos penned an op-ed in Breitbart pledging to not support McConnell.

“Just because Congressman Barletta is ashamed to be Mitch McConnell’s handpicked candidate doesn’t mean he can have it both ways,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. “Two months ago, Congressman Barletta said his campaign was ‘the best thing I can do for Mitch McConnell.’ Now he’s asking for Steve Bannon’s support and refusing to answer questions. The voters of Pennsylvania deserve to know where Congressman Barletta’s loyalties truly lie.”


Barletta Claimed That Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Encouraged Him To Run For Senate. “Besides direct encouragement from Trump, Barletta said he fielded several entreaties from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, to make the race.” [PennLive, 9/8/17]

Barletta: The Best Thing I Can Do For Mitch McConnell Is Win. “[00:09:00] STIGALL: I want to close with asking you about leadership in the Republican party right now. House leadership under Paul Ryan, senate leadership under Mitch McConnell, your point of view on those two men particularly.

[00:09:10] BARLETTA: The best thing I can do for Mitch McConnell and whether or not things are going well in the senate is to give him that one more vote. Had I been in the senate when they took the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare would be gone today. So the best thing that I can do for leadership in Washington is to win.” [The Chris Stigall Show, 8/30/2017]

Barletta Met With Steve Bannon In October 2017. “In others, Bannon is courting candidates in competitive and divisive races, hoping to help elect those aligned with his policy goals. The iconoclastic conservative met in Washington last week with Pennsylvania Rep. Lou Barletta (pictured), a top Trump supporter considered the front-runner in a crowded primary to challenge Democratic Sen. Bob Casey.” [RealClearPolitics, 10/19/17]