Paul Mango Faux Angry About Premium Increases For Pennsylvanians That He Championed

Today, Paul Mango put out a video criticizing 30% premium increases for Pennsylvanians,  conveniently forgetting that he wholeheartedly supported Donald Trump’s health care sabotage that is the sole reason for the premium hikes.

“Paul Mango is a complete phony who constantly lies about his positions and policies because he knows they are bad for Pennsylvanians,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Paul Mango is lying about his support for increasing premiums for Pennsylvanians just like he lied about his job creation record. Plain and simple, Paul Mango supports huge premium increases and hasn’t created a single job in our commonwealth. Pennsylvanians know they can’t trust Paul Mango and his lies.”


“Pennsylvania insurers offering Obamacare plans will need to raise premiums an average 30.6 percent in 2018, nearly four times the increase that had been anticipated before President Donald Trump scrapped government subsidies five days ago. The new numbers come from the state Insurance Department, which on Monday released the rate hikes that it had approved after calculating the impact of the president’s move.” [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/16/17]

“…we’re eight days away from the health care exchanges opening and guess what Pennsylvania? Expect your premiums to go up another 30%….” [Mango for PA video, 10/26/17]

“I applaud President Trump for taking the bull by the horns and taking action to alleviate the pain of Obamacare something Congress has been unable to do.” [Mango Press Release re: Trump’s Health Care Sabotage, 10/13/17]