Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On Las Vegas

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel L. Groen released the following statement on the events in Las Vegas, Nevada:

“Once again the country has woken up to the devastating news of a mass shooting, this time the worst in American history. I pray for the victims of the attacks and for their families in this time of grief. I pray for the first responders who ran towards the chaos in order to save victims. I pray that our country can come together to stop this constant violence and I pray that we can work for peace and tolerance.

“But prayer alone is not good enough. We must act. We must decide as a society and nation to institute common sense proposals to curb this scourge in our society and we must do so without violating the Second Amendment. I ask myself why do we need machine guns. They are for killing people, not hunting and not for self-defense. How many innocent people must die? How many lives must be impacted because of the wounds caused by this needless violence or families cry for their loved ones? Where is our sense of humanity and when do we say enough is enough?”