Pennsylvanians Protest Ivanka Trump’s Visit To Push GOP Tax Plan

Democrats and activists gathered outside of Ivanka Trump’s visit to Bucks County today to protest her father’s tax plan, which would hurt most lower and middle-income Pennsylvanians and cause 30% of middle class families to pay higher taxes. The White House can’t even promise that taxes won’t go up for middle-and-working-class families, all while 80% of the GOP plan’s tax cuts go to the top 1%.

“Ivanka Trump is in Bucks County today holding a phony town hall to sell tax cuts for the rich while hurting the middle class,” said Steve Cickay of Newtown. “Brian Fitzpatrick and Pennsylvania Republicans are complicit in the $470 billion in cuts to Medicare that is called for under this plan, all so the Trump’s can give themselves and their rich friends a tax break.”

“Ivanka Trump and the Republican Congress are pushing for tax cuts for the rich while CHIP is going unfunded,” said Doug Lentz, Narberth resident and RN in Philadelphia. “The rich don’t need another tax cut. Our children need health care. It’s time for Congress to focus on the right priorities.”

“Holding Trump and his enablers like Ivanka accountable starts at the ballot box next month,” said Lisa Procz of Northampton Township. “The Republican tax plan will hurt people, and today’s protest was proof that we are energized ahead of the critical November 7th election.”

“Ivanka Trump is selling a tax plan that works for the rich on the backs of seniors,” said Eileen Reed of Newtown. “I’m 72, a Newtown resident and member of the Newtown Senior Center, but I didn’t get an invitation to this event. This tax plan would decimate Medicare and services that we rely on, but Trump is shutting us out of the conversation. We deserve a say in how Trump’s plan will affect us. We deserve better.”