Roundup: Democrats And Activists Protest Trump’s Tax Plan, Urge That Not One Penny In Tax Breaks Go To The Top 1%

Donald Trump was in Pennsylvania yesterday to promote a tax plan that hurts most lower and middle-income Pennsylvanians and causes one in four middle class families to pay higher taxes.

Democrats and activists from across the state gathered at the Capitol to send a message that Trump cannot steal from working-class families to provide tax cuts for the rich.

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Allentown Morning Call: Opponents of GOP tax plan rally in Harrisburg ahead of President Trump’s visit

Hours before President Donald Trump is set to promote the Republican tax cut plan at an event near Harrisburg, opponents of that proposal rallied outside the state Capitol, blasting the GOP plan as one that would help the country’s wealthiest citizens and hurt its most vulnerable.

Chanting “not one penny” and framed by giant, inflatable chickens with golden locks, advocates for disabled residents and an economist from the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, a left-leaning think tank, said the president and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s tax plan won’t work.

The wealthiest class of Americans aided by the plan don’t need the extra money and therefore will not spend the savings, said Marc Stier, director of the the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center. They will simply put the savings in the bank, Stier said, erasing tax revenue generated by higher sales tax among consumers.

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The Burg: “Not One Penny:” Demonstrators slam tax plan ahead of Trump visit

More than 100 people gathered this morning on the steps of the state Capitol Complex to protest Trump’s tax proposal. He is expected to promote that plan in front of area Republicans in a speech at Harrisburg International Airport this afternoon. 

Activists who spoke at the event claimed that the tax plan would raise the tax burden on poor and low-income Americans while giving tax breaks to the rich. They also called on lawmakers to protect Medicare and Medicaid.

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Sunbury Daily Item: Trump touts tax plan during Harrisburg visit

Most truckers won’t benefit from the Trump tax cuts, said Nicole Gill, executive director of Tax March, an organization originally created to organize a protest calling on Trump to release his tax returns. 

The group is now one of the organizers involved in a Not One Penny campaign, which opposes tax cuts for the rich.

“The top 1 percent get 61 percent of the tax cuts,” she said at a Wednesday morning protest at the state Capitol ahead of Trump’s visit.

Truckers only really stand to gain if they own their trucking companies, she said.

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