Trump-Barletta Plan Brings 30% Insurance Rate Increase To PA Families

“For them to say that anything we will do will raise premiums in Pennsylvania is laughable.” – Lou Barletta, 9/27/17.

Today, Pennsylvania’s Insurance Commissioner announced that in response to President Trump’s decision to suspend cost-sharing reduction payments, Pennsylvania families face a 30% increase in insurance rates. This comes just three weeks after Congressman Barletta dismissed the notion that the GOP would raise premiums as “laughable.”

Following today’s news, Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele released the following statement:

“Congressman Barletta lied to Pennsylvania families when he said their premiums would not go up under the Republican plan. Three weeks later, we learn that thanks to President Trump’s sabotage, insurance rates are going up 30% in Pennsylvania. Even Congressman Barletta’s GOP colleagues, like Pennsylvania Representative Charlie Dent, have called this plan ‘ill-advised,’ and said, ‘the Republican Party will own this.’

“Pennsylvanians deserve better than a spineless D.C. politician like Congressman Barletta who is unable to stand up to President Trump and Congressional Republican leaders when their plans hurt Pennsylvania workers, families, and seniors.”