Vice President Joe Biden: Vote For The Slate Of Eight

Former Vice President Joe Biden is encouraging Pennsylvanians to vote for the Democratic Judicial Slate of Eight.

“Pennsylvania elects judges this year on Tuesday, November the 7th, and a lot’s at stake,” said Vice President Joe Biden. “President Trump is acting to undermine our civil rights, women’s rights, and the rights of working men and women. We have one chance to fight back and send a message this year. Vote.”


The Democratic “Slate of Eight” includes:

  • Justice Debra Todd, for retention on the Supreme Court

  • Dwayne Woodruff, candidate for Supreme Court

  • Geoff Moulton, candidate for Superior Court

  • Carolyn Nichols, candidate for Superior Court

  • Debbie Kunselman, candidate for Superior Court

  • Maria McLaughlin, candidate for Superior Court

  • Ellen Ceisler, candidate for Commonwealth Court

  • Irene Clark, candidate for Commonwealth Court

Election Day is November 7th. Pennsylvanians are encouraged to make a plan to vote at