Does Art Oligeri Own His Shoe Store?

Republican candidate Art Oligeri, who has run a campaign of distortion and deception, is still being dishonest.

Oligeri has been portraying himself as the owner of Meeker Marshall Shoe Fly. When confronted in a debate October 18 about whether he owned the shoe store, Oligeri said yes – twice:

Multiple calls to Meeker Marshall Shoe Fly, however, raise doubts whether Oligeri is the owner of the shoe store, or if he is even currently working there.

“Art Oligeri is asking the people of Erie County to trust him, but how can they if he’s lying about the central message of his campaign?” asked Brandon Cwalina, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Oligeri needs to come clean and explain his current relationship with Meeker Marshall Shoe Fly. The people of Erie deserve the truth.”