PA Dems Ad: Art Oligeri In Lock-Step With Trump’s Destructive Agenda

Erie County Executive candidate Art Oligeri has been pitching himself as a major supporter of Donald Trump’s agenda, saying “I like what’s happening on the national level.”

As the Trump Administration is cutting funding to the opioid crisis and is threatening to take health care away from thousands of Erie County residents, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party today released an ad and is questioning what, exactly, Oligeri likes about Donald Trump’s disastrous agenda the national level.

“Art Oligeri has proven that he is too extreme for Erie County by taking what’s happening at the national level as an example instead of a warning,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Brandon Cwalina. “The people of Erie County deserve a county executive who will stand up to Donald Trump and his destructive agenda and will fight to protect their health care and jobs. By supporting Trump’s agenda, Oligeri hurts all the people in Erie. It’s unconscionable.”

Watch the ad here: