PA Dems Challenge Barletta To Put His Money Where His Mouth Is On Taxes

Congressman Lou Barletta has spent much of the last few weeks telling Pennsylvanians that when it comes to the Republican tax bill, up is down. Despite multiple non-partisan analyses showing the GOP plan raises taxes on low- and middle-income earners while providing the wealthy and large corporations a windfall, Congressman Barletta insists it will help average Pennsylvanians.

Today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is challenging Congressman Barletta to put his money where his mouth is: Will Congressman Lou Barletta guarantee that no middle class Pennsylvanian will see a tax increase while millionaires like him enjoy massive tax breaks?

“If Congressman Barletta believes his own spin, he should have no trouble promising Pennsylvania’s middle class that no one will face a tax increase under the Republican tax plan,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. “If he can’t make that promise, why does he believe low- and middle-income earners should pay more in taxes so millionaires and large corporations pay dramatically less?”

“Congressman Barletta can’t have it both ways: he’s either lying about the impacts this plan will have on the middle class or he can easily guarantee no one will see their taxes go up.”