PA Dems Condemn Unethical Attacks From PA GOP and Sallie Mundy

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel Groen released the following statement in regards to unethical attacks from the Pennsylvania Republican Party and Sallie Mundy.

“It’s not uncommon to see political attack ads this close to an election, but what we saw this week from the Republican Party goes beyond the pale. They’ve truly stooped to a new low. The Republican Party is attacking our judicial candidates with a series of ads and mailers that we believe has broken several rules of ethics and should result in a Republican judicial candidate losing her bar association recommendation.

​”Furthermore, it is disrespectful to our veterans and their families for Republicans to suggest that they are the only ones who send their children to war. ​
“​Judge ​Dwayne ​Woodruff’s son is a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and his father served in the US Army in both the Korean and Vietnam wars.

“Judge ​Ellen ​Ceisler​’s son is an Army veteran who recently served in Afghanistan and was awarded the Bronze Star.

​​”Justice Todd’s husband was a Colonel in the Army and Judge Maria McLaughlin’s husband is ​also ​an Army veteran. ​

“Judge Carolyn Nichols’ father served in the Tuskegee Airmen​ and ​Judge​ Debbie​ Kunselman’s father ​served his country in Vietnam.

“It’s clear the Republicans are attempting to win at any cost, even at the cost of their own integrity.

“Republicans have crossed a line with their unethical, purposefully misleading ads and they must be called to answer for that. It’s time to show that this type of behavior cannot continue in our politics. The best way to send that message is to vote.
“On Tuesday, November 7th, when you visit your local polling location vote for the Democrats including our slate of 8 judicial candidates, and every other Democrat up and down the ballot.”