Paul Mango And Scott Wagner Are Already Duking It Out For A Trump Endorsement

Over the weekend, Paul Mango demanded Breitbart remove language on their website calling him a “NeverTrumper.” While Scott Wagner has already won the support of former Trump advisor and white nationalist leader Steve Bannon, it seems like Paul Mango and Wagner have started the fight for Donald Trump’s endorsement.

“Scott Wagner and Paul Mango are desperately seeking Donald Trump’s endorsement,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Between Scott Wagner buying 20,000 Trump lawn signs and cozying up to Steve Bannon and Paul Mango demanding Breitbart remove language claiming that he was a NeverTrumper, it won’t be long before they both book their family vacations at Mar-a-Lago.”



Scott Wagner Says He Would “Welcome” Trump’s Support.

REPORTER: If you win the primary would you want the president to come and campaign for you?

SCOTT WAGNER: I think Donald Trump would be interested in this race, Pennsylvania is a very key state, and we would welcome his support in Pennsylvania. [

Scott Wagner “Loves” Endorsement by Alt-Right Leader Steve Bannon

GIORDANO: Now, you’ve been endorsed by Steve Bannon and here’s the headline from the Pennsylvania Dems: “Right wing Wagner endorsed by leader of America’s Alt-right movement Steve Bannon.”

WAGNER: I love it. I love it. The good news, Dom, the good news is they at least spelled my name right and they spelled Steve Bannon’s name right. [Dom Giordano Program, 9/27/17]

Scott Wagner Asked Paul Manafort for 20,000 Trump Yard Signs.

“After sitting on the sidelines, Wagner’s now all in, ready to do ‘everything I can’ to help Trump win Pennsylvania and the White House. Last week, he chartered a plane and flew here for a 45-minute meeting with Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort to talk about Pennsylvania, which increasingly is seen as the possible decider-state in November. He even asked Manafort for 20,000 yard signs. ‘We’re going to get them,’ Wagner tells me, ‘and probably more.’ On Monday, he chartered a plane to bring Bob Dole, who’s endorsed Trump, here from Washington.” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/19/16]


Paul Mango Says He Would “Welcome and Embrace” Trump’s Endorsement.

[00:00:00] HANK BAUGHMAN: Okay, and what kind of relationship would you want with the Trump Administration as Governor?

[00:00:06] PAUL MANGO: Hey, listen, you know what? This guy is so much better than his predecessor. He is so much better than the alternative, and he is so much better than our current Governor. I would welcome and embrace the support and the endorsement of our President of the United States at any time. [Hank Baughman Show, 5/31/17]

Paul Mango’s Campaign Demands Breitbart Update Article to Say He Was Not Part of the “NeverTrump” Movement.

“Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to make clear that Paul Mango was not part of the ‘NeverTrump’ movement. He donated to both Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.” [Breitbart, 11/12/17]

Paul Mango Tweets About a Discussion with Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly.

“Discussing the Pennsylvania Gubernatorial race with @POTUS @realDonaldTrump ‘s Chief of Staff, General John F. Kelly at the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation gala. A true patriot. #DutyHonorCountry #MCLEF #PAgov #USMC #ReadyToServe #Mango18” [Paul Mango Tweet, 10/1/17]

Paul Mango Puts out Statement Supporting Trump’s Health Care Sabotage.

“I applaud President Trump for taking the bull by the horns and taking action to alleviate the pain of Obamacare something Congress has been unable to do.” [Mango Press Release re: Trump’s Health Care Sabotage, 10/13/17]