Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On Senator Toomey’s Discrediting Of Assault Victims

On an appearance on Meet the Press, Senator Pat Toomey today cast doubt on the victims of Roy Moore. When asked why he keeps mentioning that the accusations against Moore are 40 years old, Toomey responded, “it just raises the question about the credibility” and “when someone waits 40 years before they make an accusation, that raises a question itself.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Executive Director Sinceré Harris issued the following statement:

“Today Senator Toomey went on national television and cast doubt on the credibility of the brave women who came forward and spoke out against a sexual predator. Toomey used his position of power to undermine and discredit the words of victims. This is exactly why women do not report instances of sexual harassment and assault. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue; it is an issue of right and wrong. Senator Toomey should immediately apologize to all victims sexual assault and sexual misconduct.”