Barletta’s Deficit Spending Hypocrisy Means Social Security, Medicare Cuts Are Next

Barletta’s Tax Giveaway To The Wealthy Endangers Protections For Seniors

Congressman Barletta $1 trillion dollar deficit hypocrisy makes it clear that he will say one thing and do another if that’s what his donors demand. But Barletta’s giveaway to the wealthy at the expense of Pennsylvania’s middle class is a means to an end, as Republicans are bragging. The tax bill paves the way for Congressman Barletta and Republican leaders to realize their goal of shredding protections for seniors and using the deficits they’re growing as an excuse.

In response to Congressman Barletta’s obscene plan, Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele released the following statement:  

“After spending years railing against increasing the deficit, Congressman Barletta is pushing a plan that adds more than $1 trillion to the deficit to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and the D.C. swamp. But Congressman Barletta’s supreme hypocrisy on massive deficit spending is only step one in the Republican plan to end Social Security and Medicare as we know it — a goal Barletta has supported for years.

“While wealthy special interest donors may be happy with Congressman Barletta’s attacks on workers, seniors, and the middle class, Pennsylvania voters will hold him accountable in November.”