The Most Extreme Anti-Abortion Bill In The Country Is Moving In Harrisburg With The Backing Of Wagner, Turzai, & Mango

Today, the House Health Committee is set to vote on the most extreme anti-abortion law in the country and it has the backing of Republican gubernatorial candidates Paul Mango, Scott Wagner, and Mike Turzai.  This legislation forces victims of rape and incest to carry pregnancies to term and criminalizes action of women making their own healthcare decisions.

“Scott Wagner, Paul Mango, and Mike Turzai support and have openly advocated for the most restrictive abortion bill in the country which would force women and girls who have been the victims of rape or incest to carry a pregnancy to term,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “The Republican gubernatorial candidates would be absolutely disastrous for the women of Pennsylvania and they should be ashamed of their positions.”


“With only a handful of voting days left on lawmakers’ 2017 calendar, the House Health Committee is set to vote sometime today on one legislation that would ban abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy, down from the current 24 weeks, and prohibit a common, second-trimester procedure known as dilation and evacuation.” [PennLive, 12/4/17]

“The bill [SB 3] would amend Pennsylvania’s current Abortion Control Act to change the current 24-week cutoff for abortions to 20 weeks except in cases of medical emergency. There is no exception for rape and incest.” [Billy Penn, 2/8/17]


Scott Wagner co-sponsored SB 3, a bill that proposes the most extreme restrictions on abortion in the country.


Paul Mango says he would, “Call on the Legislature to pass SB3…” [Faith, Family, and Pennsylvania Values, 11/30/17]


“… House Speaker Mike Turzai issued a statement praising the Senate for passing the bill and applauding a similar measure that will be introduced in the House … ‘It is important the legislature send one of these bills, Rep. Rapp’s House Bill 77 or Senate Bill 3, to Gov. Tom Wolf’s desk,’ Turzai (R., Allegheny) said in the statement. ‘The passage of these bills is evidence of bipartisan and bicameral support to protect unborn children and mothers and demonstrates the commonwealth’s commitment to promoting a culture of life.’” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/16/17]