FACT SHEET: Republicans Can’t Stop Admitting That They’re Putting Oil And Gas Ahead Of Pennsylvanians

Republicans, many of whom have received hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry, cannot stop admitting they’re playing politics with a severance tax. Republicans are refusing to pass a severance tax because they believe that it will help Governor Wolf win reelection and because they are beholden to big oil and gas.

“Not only are Republicans refusing to pass a commonsense severance tax like every other gas-producing state in the country because they have received millions in campaign contributions from big oil and gas, but they are also openly admitting that they are putting politics ahead of Pennsylvanians,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “The Republicans refusal to pass a severance represents the very worst of Harrisburg.” 


FACT: Pennsylvania is the only gas-producing state without a severance tax.

FACT: A severance tax is supported by a majority of Pennsylvanians. 

FACT: Tens of billions of dollars worth of natural gas has been reaped from Pennsylvania lands and the industry is producing 30 times as much natural gas as it did ten years ago. 

FACT: Republicans like Scott Wagner and Mike Turzai, who oppose a severance tax, have received tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry. 

FACT: Gubernatorial candidate Mike Turzai has resisted efforts to bring a severance tax to a vote. 

FACT: Republicans like gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner and Representative Garth Everett have admitted that they do not want a severance tax to be passed because it would help Governor Wolf be re-elected.

CONCLUSION: It cannot be more clear. Republicans are putting big oil and gas and their own political ambitions ahead of their constituents, a majority of whom support a severance tax.