PA Dems Statement On Congressman Barletta’s Vote For The GOP Tax Scam

Today, in response to Congressman Barletta’s vote to pass the Republican tax bill, Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele released the following statement:

“Today Congressman Barletta voted to raise taxes on many in Pennsylvania’s middle class while slashing them for millionaires and corporations who ship jobs overseas. The majority of Americans oppose this disastrous scheme because they know it was written by and for the D.C. swamp. Insurance premiums will skyrocket while state and local budget gaps may result in cuts for first responders, schools, and drug treatment centers. 

“Let there be no doubt: Congressman Barletta’s vote to add nearly $2 trillion to the deficit is a prelude to ending Medicare and Social Security as we know it. Pennsylvanians will not forget Congressman Barletta’s decision to put large corporations and the wealthy few ahead of working families, seniors, and the middle class. If Congressman Barletta survives the Republican primary, voters will hold him accountable in November.”