Does Wagner Stand With his Buddy Steve Bannon In Backing Accused Child Molester Roy Moore?

“I Love It,” – Scott Wagner on His Endorsement by Bannon

Last night, white nationalist leader and Scott Wagner endorser Steve Bannon headlined a rally for accused child molestor Roy Moore. Back in September, Scott Wagner received an endorsement from Bannon and even “plane-pooled” with him on a chartered flight out of Baltimore to an ultra-conservative conference in St. Louis. 

“Does Scott Wagner stand with Steve Bannon in backing child molestor Roy Moore?” asked Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Pennsylvanians deserve to know if Scott Wagner supports having child molestors in public office.” 


“Former chief Trump strategist Steve Bannon was in Alabama campaigning with Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore Tuesday night, after President Trump’s full-throated endorsement of the former judge accused of sexually touching minors on Monday.” [CBS News, 12/5/17]

“President Donald Trump hasn’t endorsed a candidate for the GOP nomination in Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial election next year, but Scott Wagner might have something close to it. Steve Bannon, the divisive ex-Trump strategist, urged a conservative gathering in St. Louis over the weekend to support the Republican state senator from York County.” [AP, 9/26/17]

GIORDANO: Now, you’ve been endorsed by Steve Bannon and here’s the headline from the Pennsylvania Dems: “Right wing Wagner endorsed by leader of America’s Alt-right movement Steve Bannon.”

WAGNER: I love it. I love it. The good news, Dom, the good news is they at least spelled my name right and they spelled Steve Bannon’s name right. [Dom Giordano Program, 9/27/17]