How The GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Are Celebrating International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! As a reminder of the challenges that women are faced with each day, we wanted to take a look at how Paul Mango and Scott Wagner would roll back the rights of the 6.5 million women of Pennsylvania if they were elected governor in Pennsylvania.

Both Paul Mango and Scott Wagner:

  • Support SB 3, the most anti-choice bill in the country that would punish women by forcing victims of rape and incest to carry pregnancies to term and stripping women their rights to make their own healthcare decisions.

  • Support SB 300, which would defund Planned Parenthood and decrease women’s access to birth control and cancer screenings and treatments.

  • Refused to speak out as the Trump Administration announced that they would roll back women’s access to contraception for hundreds of thousands of women across the country

  • Despite claiming that they have a “zero-tolerance policy” for sexual misconduct, Paul Mango and Scott Wagner have both refused to call on alleged rapist, Nick Miccarelli to resign as a state representative. Paul Mango is even running an ad touting his “zero-tolerance” stance, although it completely false.

  • Refused to call on Representative Pat Meehan to resign even though he used $40,000 in taxpayer dollars to settle a sexual harassment claim made by a former aide.

“If elected as governor, Paul Mango and Scott Wagner would roll back women’s rights without shame,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “The people of Pennsylvania, especially women, don’t need any more politicians like Paul Mango and Scott Wagner who stand up for sexual abusers and try at every chance they have to roll back a women’s right to make her own health care decisions.”