MEMO: PA GOP Gubernatorial Primary Is An All-Out Brawl To Be Biggest Right-Wing Extremist

To: Editorial Board Editors
From: Beth Melena, Communications Director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party
Date: March 8, 2018
Subject: PA GOP Gubernatorial Primary is an All-Out Brawl to Be Biggest Right-Wing Extremist   

The Republican gubernatorial candidates are not talking about how they will bring jobs and economic growth to Pennsylvania. They aren’t talking about how they are going to protect Pennsylvanians’ access to quality, affordable health care.

Instead, the Republican gubernatorial primary is an all-out brawl for the title of who can be the biggest right-wing extremist.

Paul Mango and Scott Wagner are warring over who is the most anti-choice candidate, with Paul Mango even launching an ad on the topic today and Scott Wagner and the Pennsylvania Republican Party firing back to defend Wagner’s anti-choice credentials.

The fighting doesn’t end there. Mango and Wagner have been quarreling so much about bathroom bills that one columnist even wrote that, “Bathrooms have become a major issue in the race to see who will get the GOP nomination to face Gov. Tom Wolf….”

Let’s be clear, Paul Mango and Scott Wagner are both anti-choice, pro-discrimination candidates who would be awful for the people of Pennsylvania. But that’s not stopping Wagner and Mango from duking it out over who can be the most extreme.

The fighting between Mango and Wagner is a disservice to Pennsylvanians who deserve candidates with real, substantive policy ideas. Instead, Pennsylvanians are subjected to a sideshow where the only thing to watch is a fight over having the same bad ideas.