In Philadelphia, Democrats Call Out Mango And Wagner For Lying About Having “Zero-tolerance” For Sexual Abusers

Today, as the Republican candidates for governor debated at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Rep. Margo Davidson called out Paul Mango and Scott Wagner for lying about having a “zero-tolerance” policy for sexual abusers. Both candidates refused to call for the resignations of Representative Miccarelli, who has been accused of rape and sexual abuse, and Representative Meehan, who has been accused of sexual harassment.

The video below shows Wagner and Mango’s hypocrisy in real time:

“Paul Mango and Scott Wagner are sending a message to girls and women in Pennsylvania that they care more about scoring political points than they do protecting and standing up for victims of sexual harassment and abuse,” said Rep. Davidson.

Paul Mango has even actively campaigned on holding abusers accountable. He went so far as to run an ad touting his “zero-tolerance” policy for sexual harassment and penned an op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer claiming that anyone who engages in sexual harassment should not occupy positions of leadership. Yet when asked about both Meehan and Miccarelli, he refused to call on them to resign.

“Paul Mango’s inaction speaks louder than words. At a time when victims everywhere are finding their voices, he is trying to silence them,”  Rep. Davidson said. “Paul Mango is complicit in a system that protects sexual harassers and abusers while refusing to believe survivors.”

This lack of leadership is part of a troubling trend from the GOP candidates. They’ve demonstrated time and time again that they lack the spines to stand up for what’s right for the people of Pennsylvania.

“If they’re willing to back down on an issue as important as sexual harassment and abuse, what else will they back down on?” Rep. Davidson asked. “The people of Pennsylvania deserve better than Paul Mango and Scott Wagner.”