VIDEO: Mango And Wagner Lie About “Zero-tolerance” Policy For Sexual Assault

Ahead of tomorrow’s Republican gubernatorial debate in Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party released a new video highlighting Paul Mango and Scott Wagner’s lies about their stance on holding sexual abusers and perpetrators accountable. Despite claiming that they have a “zero-tolerance policy” for sexual misconduct, Paul Mango and Scott Wagner refused to call on Representative Nick Miccarelli to resign, despite rape and abuse allegations.  This is an alarming pattern. Both Wagner and Mango refused to call on Rep. Pat Meehan to resign after it was reported that Representative Pat Meehan used $40,000 in taxpayer dollars to settle a sexual harassment claim made by a former aide. Paul Mango is also brazenly running ads claiming that he will stand up for victims, when it is clear that he has no intention to do so.



“…all three Republican gubernatorial hopefuls said they would not call on Miccarelli to step down.” [PennLive, 3/2/18] 

“Two women have accused State Rep. Nick Miccarelli of sexually or physically assaulting them in separate incidents over the last six years, the Inquirer and Daily News and the Caucus have learned.” [Philadelphia Inquirer/The Caucus, 2/28/18]

“Although U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan finds himself immersed in a scandal over using money from his office budget to settle a sexual harassment claim by a former aide, none of the four Republican candidates running for governor this year are calling on him to resign.” [PennLive, 1/25/18]