VIDEO: Scott Wagner: “We Should Roll Back Medicaid Expansion”

Today Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner declared that he supports rolling back Medicaid expansion, which would be disastrous for Pennsylvanians. Medicaid expansion provides healthcare for over 720,000 Pennsylvanians, including seniors in nursing homes and over 125,000 people who are suffering from substance use disorder.

“As governor, Scott Wagner would deny treatment to those suffering from opioid addiction, kick seniors out of nursing homes with nowhere to turn, and strip care from Pennsylvanians with disabilities,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “It’s despicable that Scott Wagner recklessly supports gutting Medicaid and puts politics ahead of the health of Pennsylvanians.”  



“The Medicaid expansion authorized under the 2010 law extended health coverage to about 700,000 low-income Pennsylvanians, including the aged and the disabled.” [PennLive, 3/21/17]

“In Pennsylvania, more than half — 52 percent — of enrollees are children younger than 20, and seniors 65 and older… Wolf’s administration has highlighted how Medicaid has helped those suffering from opioid addiction or other substance abuse disorders to obtain treatment and medication.” [Allentown Morning Call, 1/11/18]

“Across the nation, Medicaid serves 75 million people, including the elderly and disabled (about two-thirds of people in nursing homes pay for them with Medicaid) as well as families living near or under the poverty line.” [The Hill, 3/11/17]