Wagner And Mango Will Take Us Back To Corbett’s $1 Billion Cut To Education

Yesterday at a debate in Philadelphia, Paul Mango and Scott Wagner admitted that they would gut public education in Pennsylvania. 

“Paul Mango and Scott Wagner want to take us back to the Corbett days when public education was cut by $1 billion, leading to mass teacher layoffs, cuts to important programs like pre-kindergarten, and larger class sizes,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “As governor, Mango and Wagner would put Pennsylvania’s economic future at risk by refusing to invest in a public education that ensures our children are prepared for the jobs of a 21st century workforce.”


“The candidates — State Sen. Scott Wagner of York County; Paul Mango, a retired health-care consultant, and lawyer Laura Ellsworth, both from the Pittsburgh area — agreed that the state shouldn’t spend more money on public education…” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/7/18]