Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On The Janus V. AFSCME Decision

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on the Janus v. AFSCME case, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills issued the following statement:

“The Pennsylvania Democratic Party stands with working Pennsylvanians. Period. Unions are critical to the success of our economy and the health and safety of our workers. At a time when a trend of disastrous right-wing policies are rigging our economy in favor of the wealthy special interests and corporations at the expense of workers, we need unions to stand up for the basic rights working Pennsylvanians deserve. The decision from the Supreme Court to make it more difficult to join a union is wrong. Unions helped create the American middle class. The freedom to join together in a union is a hard-fought right, and we will fight alongside our brothers and sisters in labor to make sure we elect and re-elect leaders who will continue to fight for this right.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Labor Caucus Chair Rick Bloomingdale added the following:  

“Pennsylvanians have played a critical role in the workers’ rights movement throughout history. We’ve fought back against injustice before and we’ll fight back now. When corporations and special interests try to make it harder for working Pennsylvanians to get by, unions level the playing field for working people. We fight to raise wages and increase access to health care and benefits. We stand up for all workers and for the people who are disproportionately hurt by this rigged system. We are not going to stop today because of this terrible decision.”