What State Dems Can Pass If We Flip the PA House and Senate


Nobody plays more partisan games than Harrisburg Republicans, and a wave of progressive proposals are being held back because of it.

But with enough seats flipped in November, legislative Dems can move PA forward with important legislation that Governor Wolf supports but are currently stuck in the Harrisburg muck.

Here are just some of the important, existing bills Democrats can pass if we end Republicans’ stranglehold on the state house an senate.

Click the drop-downs below for specifics on each proposal and how Republicans in Harrisburg are obstructing it.


The Proposals: HB 830, SB 1200, and SB 1201

The Partisanship: The House bill has been stalled in GOP-controlled committees for over a year, and the two senate bills were recently referred to committee as well.

The Proposal: HB 1520 

The Partisanship: Republican committees have refused to allow the proposal to even reach the house floor in five consecutive sessions.

The Proposal: Governor Wolf annually calls for a severance tax in the PA budget.

The Partisanship: Though PA’s the only state without it, Scott Wagner and his Harrisburg cronies were caught conspiring to block the severance tax solely to hurt Governor Wolf (see video) 


The Proposals: HB 722 and SB 22

The Partisanship: GOP leaders added poison pill amendments to kill these largely bipartisan Proposals. Meanwhile, they’re appealing our new (fair) maps to the SCOTUS.

The Proposal: HB 101, HB 193, and HB 945 

The Partisanship: These Proposals are currently blocked in the State Government committee by the PA GOP’s chief obstructionist, Daryl Metcalfe.

The Proposal: HB 1332

The Partisanship: Like the voter registration Proposals, this is also being blocked by Daryl Metcalfe’s committee.


The Proposals: “PA Fairness Act”

The Partisanship: Raging heterosexual Daryl Metcalfe has sat on this Proposal in State Government committee since June 2017.  



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