John Fetterman Calls Out Scott Wagner For Putting Special Interests Ahead Of Pennsylvanians

Today, ahead of Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s town hall during which he will detail his plans to take Pennsylvania backwards by slashing education funding, rolling back Medicaid expansion, and doing the bidding of oil and gas lobbyists and big business, Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee John Fetterman called Wagner out for putting special interests ahead of Pennsylvanians.

“Scott Wagner has spent the last 35 years in Harrisburg lining his own pockets and letting big corporations off the hook at the expense of working families,” said John Fetterman. “He’d rather get cozy with oil and gas lobbyists than support a commonsense severance tax. Instead of reaching across the aisle to get things done, he’ll side with Republican leadership just to score points for his election against Governor Wolf. As governor, Wagner will put himself, special interests, and his cronies in Harrisburg ahead of Pennsylvanians.”

Wagner also opposed closing the Delaware Loophole, letting big corporations off the hook at the expense of taxpayers. And he backed Donald Trump’s tax scam which raises taxes on Pennsylvania middle-class families while slashing taxes for corporations and millionaires like himself. Scott Wagner as governor would continue to take Pennsylvania backwards by going back to the days when Harrisburg Republicans cut public education by $1 billion and by supporting the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and a roll back of Medicaid expansion.

Scott Wagner has a record of standing in the way of progress and blocking efforts to change Harrisburg and help Pennsylvania families. Pennsylvanians deserve better.