Republican Brian Fitzpatrick Endorsed By Extremist Tea Party Organization Dedicated To Taking Away Health Care

Fitzpatrick’s True Colors Show Once Again With Tea Party Express Endorsement

Today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party issued the following statement on Brian Fitzpatrick’s endorsement by the Tea Party Express, an extremist right-wing organization.

In their endorsement of Fitzpatrick, Tea Party Express advocates for “the repeal of Obamacare” and says that “Our best hope is to send more conservative fighters like Brian Fitzpatrick… to Washington.” Tea Party Express also supports attacking women’s health care by de-funding Planned Parenthood and stands with the Trump Administration’s culture of corruption.

“This is more hard evidence that Brian Fitzpatrick stands with the Republican Party, not his constituents,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Brendan Welch. “Tea Party Express is an extremist organization that endorsed him because they know that Fitzpatrick will be a rubber stamp for taking away health care from women and working families, and will put Washington special interests before the people of Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Fitzpatrick needs to answer the question: what is he doing to earn the recognition of a radical organization like Tea Party Express?”

Fitzpatrick has already come under fire for glossing over his own radical positions and support from other extreme groups, including a Koch Brothers-funded foundation that wants to privatize Social Security and “drive a stake through the heart” of the Affordable Care Act.

He also cites his vote against a concealed carry reciprocity bill as proof that he supports commonsense gun safety, but an official letter from his office reveals that he supports reciprocity and voted against the bill because it contained “extraneous provisions.”

Tea Party Express has a history of disturbing racism and extremism. In 2010, Tea Party Express spokesman Mark Williams wrote a letter from what he called “Colored People” to President Lincoln that praised slavery. Tea Party Express refused to kick Williams out of their organization, so the National Tea Party Federation cut ties with the group.

Last year, a former Tea Party Express chairwoman running for Congress raffled off an AR-15 as a fundraising stunt.