Four Things To Do Instead of Watching Trump in Pennsylvania


Tonight, Donald Trump will take the stage with Senator Casey’s opponent, Lou Barletta, in Wilkes-Barre, PA. And while we understand the temptation to follow along and fume at him, the PA Dems encourage you to use that time more constructively.

Here are four ways you can help Dems win (in 1/2 the time Trump spends on stage)…

1. Get Ready to Vote

Are you registered yet? Is all of your information current? Are your friends and family registered too?

Don’t leave anything to chance on November 6th! Visit to make sure nothing can stop you from voting blue.


2. Sign Up to Volunteer

We’ll take ten loyal Dems knocking doors over a 10k person rally any day! That’s because nothing is more powerful than talking one-on-one with other voters.

Visit to join our team of volunteers helping Dems win in their local communities.


3. Give What You Can

Trump brings in big money for PA’s GOP when he visits, but we thrive on small gifts like yours.

Go to to swell our victory fund for every Dem running. Even $1.00 helps!


4. Share the Truth

Trump’s sure to spread more lies about all our candidates tonight, especially Senator Casey.

Counteract his lies by sharing why you’ll vote for Bob! To get you started, check out some talking points on our blog.


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