Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On Trump’s Visit To Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills issued the following statement:

“Pittsburgh is a strong, loving community, but this weekend our community was shaken when a violent right-wing extremist took the lives of 11 people simply because of their Jewish faith. We are a community in mourning, and we need to heal. Donald Trump visiting Pittsburgh will not heal us. Hate speech, whether it’s in the form of a dog whistle or a presidential proclamation, leads to hate crimes. There are no ‘both sides’ in this; there is right and there is wrong. And Trump punching down at the most vulnerable populations in the country — refugees and asylum seekers, racial and religious minorities — is wrong.

“Pittsburgh is a city of steel, and we don’t break easily. We are strong in the face of hate and we will get through this together, with or without the support of the president. It is up to Donald Trump to decide if he will stand with us or will continue to stand with the perpetrators of this violence.”