PA GOP Disregards Democracy, Becomes National Embarrassment

Senator-elect Lindsey Williams won her election in November, but because the PA GOP is full of sore losers, they are performing an embarrassing charade in order to cling onto their power. It is clear that the Republican Party cannot win elections based on their own merits, so they have to stoop to subverting the will of the people and flouting the democratic process.

Now, news outlets across the commonwealth and around the country are noticing the PA GOP’s pitiable attempts to keep Senator-elect Williams from the seat to which she was democratically elected.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Let it go!: Battle over Lindsey Williams’ seat disrespects the voters

Some Pennsylvania Senate Republicans cannot relent on their plan to prevent Lindsey Williams from taking her seat next month in the Senate chamber.

Let it go. Let it go.

If they respect voters and the balloting process, Ms. Williams’ opponents should acknowledge that the voters have spoken and their message was loud and clear: Ms. Williams won.

Salon: Pennsylvania Republicans trying to deny Democratic election winner her seat

The move to block Williams is part of a larger pattern of Republicans trying to undermine Democrats who defeated them in the midterms.

In Wisconsin, Republicans have voted to gut the governor’s powers before incoming Democrat Tony Evers replaces defeated Republican Scott Walker. In Michigan, Republicans are rolling back minimum wage and sick leave legislation before Democratic Gov.-elect Gretchen Whitmer takes office.

Elsewhere in Pennsylvania, Republicans are refusing to cooperate with Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s efforts to staff the state’s redistricting commission to undo a Republican gerrymander that the state’s Supreme Court found unconstitutional in a ruling last year. The GOP’s war on democracy makes an unwelcome stop in Pennsylvania | Will Bunch

There has already been ample opportunity to deal with the issue of Williams’ residency. Neither the GOP nor Williams’ Democratic primary opponent challenged her when she filed her petitions last winter, during the legal window for doing so. When Republicans finally did go to court in October, a judge not only dismissed it as too late but said the non-residency allegations were “barely colorable.” The controversy clearly failed to convince voters that Williams was some kind of outsider.

What the Republicans are threatening in Harrisburg is a pure power play — a scheme to abuse their majority through that “barely colorable” technicality to overturn the results of an election. If this all sounds familiar, it should. It’s one more salvo in a war against democracy that’s been taking place this fall in statehouses in Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina, where “sore loser” Republicans are holding lame-duck sessions to limit the powers of Democratic governors, judges, or lawmakers before they take office in January.