Pennsylvania Democratic Party Condemns The PA GOP’s Efforts To Undermine Senator-elect Lindsey Williams

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Executive Director Sinceré Harris issued the following statement:

“The people of Pennsylvania’s 38th Senate District have spoken. They chose Lindsey Williams to represent them in the Pennsylvania Senate. Senator-elect Williams has not only proven her eligibility, but also her ability to serve in the Senate, and she must be seated promptly on January 1st.

“The attacks against Senator-elect Williams are only happening because the Pennsylvania Republican Party, like their counterparts across the country, are sore losers. From Wisconsin to Michigan to North Carolina, and now Pennsylvania, the Republican Party has stooped to trying to subvert the will of the people and attempting to flout the democratic process as a last resort when they cannot win elections.

“They lost in court in an earlier attempt. Then their candidate lost the election. And now they’re on the losing side of the public’s opinion with this ridiculous charade. The courts have spoken. The voters have spoken. Any attempt to further question Senator-elect Lindsey Williams’ status as a duly-elected state senator is an affront to the voters of Pennsylvania and the democracy we hold dear.”