Republicans Must Denounce Anti-Gun Safety Leader Who Compared Gun Control Advocates To Anti-Semitic Mass Murderer

As the gun lobby and Republicans block the same proposals in Washington and Harrisburg, the City of Pittsburgh is attempting to pass commonsense gun safety laws following the horrific shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue. These laws would help reduce gun violence, make our communities safer and protect Pennsylvanians.

However, Kim Stolfer, president of Firearms Owners Against Crime, stated his opposition to the commonsense laws with the following statement: “The fact is, what the city’s doing is illegal and there’s very little difference between them and the killer at the synagogue except for a matter of degree. They’re both criminals.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Brandon Cwalina issued the following statement:

“Republicans must immediately denounce the disgusting remarks of Kim Stolfer and Firearms Owners Against Crime. Gun control advocates who are standing up to make our communities safer should be applauded, not compared to an anti-Semitic mass murder. This comparison is despicable and should be denounced by every Republican in Harrisburg and DC, especially the dozens of Republicans who have been endorsed by Firearms Owners Against Crime.”

Congressmen Scott Perry, Lloyd Smucker, Tom Marino, Glenn Thompson, and Mike Kelly and Congressmen-elect Dan Meuser, John Joyce, and Guy Reschenthaler have been endorsed by Firearms Owners Against Crime.