ROUNDUP: Pennsylvania Democrats Lead On Climate Change Solutions

Pennsylvania Democrats understand that the time to act to stop and mitigate climate change is now. While the Trump Administration buries important climate change science, PA Dems have been leading on finding solutions to the problems that climate change is presenting.

Check out what Pennsylvania Democrats are doing here:

WHYY: Gov. Wolf on climate change: ‘We are having real problems’ 

In a wide-ranging interview about his priorities for his second term, Gov. Tom Wolf said climate change is “one of the big issues we have to deal with” and that “we are having real problems” right now.

He said his administration is reviewing a petition to create a cap-and-trade program in Pennsylvania and that he wants the state to get 10 percent of its power from solar energy by 2030.

York Daily Record: Pa. auditor on climate change: Future generations will ask ‘How in God’s name’ did they not do something?

DePasquale said his office has begun working on the effects of climate change in and on Pennsylvania and what can be done about it. He said he hopes to release a special report in June.

“The longer we wait, the more expensive and perhaps even more extreme the fix may be,” he said.

DePasquale said climate change is too important to be treated as a partisan issue.

“Willful ignorance of scientific analysis is putting future generations at risk,” he said. “The challenges we face as a result of climate change will only get worse if we fail to adopt a strategic national action plan – it’s not a question of if or when; it’s already happening.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Mayor Bill Peduto representing U.S. mayors at climate conference in Poland

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto will represent mayors from the United States on Monday when he speaks in Poland at the United Nations’ annual conference on climate change.

Chosen by the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, Mr. Peduto will speak alongside mayors from Denmark and the Philippines on the role of cities in combating climate change.

“The subject matter covers how cities worldwide can help stem climate change, even when national governments may not be taking a leadership role,” said Tim McNulty, the mayor’s spokesperson. “Much of this stems from the fact that most people live in or around cities, so changes to energy uses in urban areas will have outsized impact.”