PA Democratic Party Announces Replacement Candidate For Special Election In The 190th House District

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has nominated Movita Johnson-Harrell as the Democratic Party’s candidate for the special election in 190th House District which will be held on March 12, 2019.

Following the Withdrawal of Darryl Thomas’ candidacy for the 190th legislative district, the Philadelphia democratic city committee met to recommend a substitute candidate to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s Executive Committee. Following the recommendations, the Executive voted over the weekend to nominate Johnson-Harrell as the replacement candidate.



Movita Johnson-Harrell is a lifelong Philadelphian who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a master’s in social work. She has dedicated two decades of her life to helping Philadelphians and ending gun violence. She’s the creator of the CHARLES Foundation, which helps families affected by gun violence, and the “Be The Change” internship, which mentors and empowers at-risk 8-12th graders. She is also the supervisor of Victim/Witness Services and Restorative Justice at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.