Pennsylvania Democratic Party Announces Endorsed Candidates For Superior Court

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has endorsed Amanda Green-Hawkins and Judge Daniel McCaffery for Superior Court seats this year. The Party is proud to support judicial candidates who are unparalleled in their experiences and in their dedication to transparency and integrity.

“The Superior Court is a vital part of our democracy in Pennsylvania, and we are proud to endorse Amanda Green-Hawkins and Judge Daniel McCaffery to be our nominee for this court,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills. “ Green-Hawkins and McCaffery are committed to serving the people of Pennsylvania. We look forward to working to get them onto the bench, and I encourage all Pennsylvania Democrats to go to the polls on May 21st and vote for Amanda Green-Hawkins and Judge Daniel McCaffery.”

Pennsylvanians are encouraged to make a plan to vote on May 21st by visiting to confirm their polling place, watch tutorials, and more.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party endorsed the following candidates for the Primary Election:


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