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In 2017, Donald Trump and Pat Toomey knowingly sold Pennsylvania snake-oil. The tax cuts they swore would revitalize the middle-class have delivered nothing but a windfall for their ultra-wealthy patrons.

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How Real Pennsylvanians Fared


Truth vs. Lies


Shareable Articles

That $4,000 raise Donald Trump promised you was a trickle-down lie via USA Today

America’s getting $10 trillion in tax cuts, and 20% of them are going the richest 1% via Vox

A Year After the Middle Class Tax Cut, the Rich Are Winning via Bloomberg

What did corporate America do with that tax break? Buy record amounts of its own stock via NBC News

Trump promised tax cuts would bring back jobs, but GM workers in Ohio feel betrayed via The Center for Public Integrity

How Sen. Pat Toomey turned the Republican tax bill away from populism via Washington Post


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