Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On Trump’s Visit To The Commonwealth

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s policies are harming Pennsylvania’s farmers, families, and workers every day, and Fred Keller will be a rubber stamp for these disastrous policies in Washington. Pennsylvanians need lawmakers who will defend farmers from tariffs, ensure health care protections for all, and uphold the rights that workers deserve. As Trump visits the commonwealth today to rally support for his cause, Pennsylvania Democrats are organizing and mobilizing for a future that will not leave anyone behind.

“I encourage all Pennsylvanians to ignore the president’s rantings and ravings tonight and instead make a plan to vote in tomorrow’s Primary and Special Elections. We need people like Marc Friedenberg in Congress. We need people like Susan Boser, Sarah Hammond, and Sam Doctor in Harrisburg. We need Democrats in every office up and down the ballot to ensure a future that works for everyone.”

Pennsylvanians can learn more about the candidates running in the Primary and Special Elections tomorrow at