Pennsylvania Democratic Party Submits 2020 Delegate Selection Plan To DNC

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s Executive Committee last week approved the 2020 Delegate Selection Plan and has submitted it to the Democratic National Committee for final approval. The plan was made available on the PA Dems website in April and had a 30 day comment period; along with a series of public meetings across Pennsylvania. The meetings provided an opportunity for Democrats to present their input into the draft Delegate Selection Plan and for Party officials to answer questions attendees may have had about the delegate selection process.

“We drafted our Delegate Selection Plan to represent the diversity and inclusivity of Pennsylvania Democrats, and we are committed to having our delegation to Milwaukee reflect the makeup of Pennsylvania,” said Nancy Patton Mills, Chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “I encourage all Pennsylvania Democrats to engage in this process, make their voices heard, and consider running for a delegate position. We look forward to seeing everyone in Milwaukee next year.”

Pennsylvania’s total of 177 Delegates and 13 Alternate Delegates are chosen three ways and fit into four different categories. On Primary Day, April 28, 2020, Pennsylvania’s Democrats will elect 100 delegates and ten alternate delegates within each of the commonwealth’s congressional districts. In June 2020, the Democratic State Committee will elect 33 At-Large Delegates and 3 At-Large Alternates, and 20 Delegates who are Pledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials (PLEO). The remaining delegates will automatically attain their position as Delegates due to being members of the Democratic National Committee, Pennsylvania’s Congressional Delegation, or as Distinguished Leaders of the Democratic Party.

Additionally, the Democratic State Committee will elect six members to serve on each of the three Standing Committees (Rules, Credentials, Platform), five pages, and one individual to serve as the Chair of the Delegation at their June 2020 meeting.

The final plan, pending approval by the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, can be read here.