WHERE’S BRIAN?: Congressman Fitzpatrick Goes Almost Two Years Without Holding a Town Hall

Fitzpatrick Continues To Duck Questions About His Record Of Siding With President Trump And Special Interest Donors

With members of Congress back in their districts this week to listen to their constituents, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick is nowhere to be found. In fact, Congressman Fitzpatrick hasn’t held a public town hall in almost two years – ignoring Pennsylvanians’ concerns about higher health care costs and higher taxes, all thanks to Fitzpatrick’s votes in Washington.

It’s no surprise that Brian Fitzpatrick is ducking tough questions from his constituents, after all, Fitzpatrick has been a rubber-stamp for President Trump – backing him almost 85% of the time in the last Congress. Fitzpatrick even supported Trump’s disastrous tax giveaway to the super-wealthy and big corporations, a giveaway that added $1.9 trillion to the national deficit.

Or, maybe Fitzpatrick doesn’t want to answer questions about how after taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in corporate special interest money he’s squarely on their side in Washington – even voting last week against a bill that would crack down on predatory lenders who target active-duty members of the military and working families.

“Pennsylvanians deserve representatives who will take their concerns to Washington, but it seems like the only opinions Congressman Fitzpatrick is listening to are from his special interest donors and President Trump,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Brandon Cwalina. “Brian Fitzpatrick may try to dodge his constituents and their questions by refusing to hold town halls for almost two years, but next November they’re going to send Fitzpatrick a message he can’t ignore.”