BROKEN PROMISES: While Pence Tours York Factory, Trump Administration Policies Are Hurting Pennsylvania Workers

Today Vice President Pence is in York to try and cover up the Trump administration’s failure to create and keep the good paying jobs they promised. 

“Pennsylvanians are fed up with the Trump administration’s broken promises to our commonwealth, and a photo-op visit from Mike Pence can’t cover up their record,” said Brandon Cwalina, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Our working families and local businesses shouldn’t have to pay the price for the Trump administration’s failed leadership, but their reckless policies are hurting workers and manufacturers across Pennsylvania. It’s clear Trump’s campaign promises to create jobs here and support our manufacturing industry were just more of the same empty words we’ve heard from him time and again. Instead of looking out for us, Trump and Pence just care about helping their rich and powerful friends, and that’s why Pennsylvania voters will hold this administration accountable in 2020.”

See for yourself: 

PROMISE MADE: Trump promised to bring manufacturing jobs back to Pennsylvania. 

Trump: “We’re going to bring back our manufacturing, we’re going to bring back our jobs that formed the backbone of the American middle class and our country as a whole.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Valley Forge PA, 11/1/16]

PROMISE BROKEN: For three years in a row, Trump’s budget proposals eliminated funding for a program that supports manufacturers throughout Pennsylvania and helps them grow.

Bloomberg: “The budget request calls for the elimination of the following agencies or programs: … Manufacturing Extension Partnership program”

PA Manufacturing Extension Partnership: “To serve the regional diversity of the state’s manufacturing base, PA MEP manages MEP federal funding and program outcomes through collaboration with a network of seven Industrial Resource Centers who are regional affiliates strategically focused on meeting the needs of both small and larger manufacturers of the geographic region. Affiliates include: Catalyst Connection (southwest); DVIRC (southeast); IMC (central); MANTEC (south central); MRC (Lehigh Valley); NEPIRC (northeast); and NWIRC. (northwest).”

PROMISE BROKEN: Trump’s tax scam actually incentivized companies to move jobs offshore. 

Washington Post: “But the fine print of the new global minimum tax would make the problem worse, several tax specialists said… First, a corporation would pay that global minimum tax only on profit above a ‘routine’ rate of return on the tangible assets — such as factories — it has overseas. So the more equipment a corporation has in other countries, the more tax-free income it can earn. The legislation thus offers corporations ‘a perverse incentive’ to shift assembly lines abroad, said Steve Rosenthal of the Tax Policy Center.”

PROMISE MADE: Trump promised Pennsylvanians he would “create massive numbers of jobs” in the commonwealth’s steel and aluminum industries. 

Trump: “We are going to put American steel and aluminum back into the backbone of our country. This alone will create massive numbers of jobs. High-paying jobs, good jobs not the jobs we have today which everybody agrees are bad jobs. We are going to create massive numbers of good jobs.” [Trump Campaign Speech, Monessen PA, 6/28/16] 

PROMISE BROKEN: Trump’s reckless trade policies are creating a crisis in Pennsylvania’s steel and aluminum industries and are hurting workers, manufacturers, and farmers. 

Morning Call: “An analysis from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranked Pennsylvania the 12th hardest hit state if the proposed tariffs are enacted. A 5% tariff on the state’s imports from Mexico would mean nearly $320 million annually in new costs to consumers.”

Wall Street Journal: “Tariffs on steel and aluminum didn’t boost employment in those sectors.”