How PA Democrats Are Fighting for Women


Live from King of Prussia, PA, Lara Trump will soon launch Women for Trump: a coalition dedicated to recruiting women to vote for Donald Trump. 

We imagine it’ll be a pretty small group, given that the Trump administration’s policies have been a devastating setback for women across Pennsylvania. 

On the other hand PA Democrats are working tirelessly to advance women’s rights and safety on every front. Here’s how Democrats in Pennsylvania are fighting for women!

In Harrisburg

Governor Tom Wolf is Pennsylvania’s foremost supporter of abortion rights and pay equality. He has:

  • Vetoed every anti-choice bill Republicans pass, including some of the most restrictive bans in the country
  • Signed two campus safety initiatives, making it easier for college students to report sexual assaults
  • Taken action to address the gender pay gap among state employees
  • Called, repeatedly, for legislation to end the gender pay gap statewide


Attorney General Josh Shapiro tirelessly fights misogynistic Republican policies through federal court. He has:

  • Led multiple coalitions of Attorneys General in opposition to Planned Parenthood funding cuts
  • Won a lawsuit against the Trump Administration for rules allowing employers to deny women health insurance coverage for no-cost contraception


Auditor General Eugene Depasquale has helped PA reduce its backlog of untested rape kits by roughly 90%, dropping the number of kits awaiting testing from 3,000+ in his 2016 report to under 400 in 2019.

In Congress

Senator Bob Casey is co-sponsoring legislation to strengthen campus sexual assault protections and reintroduced the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Representative Madeleine Dean serves as Vice Chair of the Bipartisan Women’s Caucus, which recently hosted hearings with survivors of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Representatives Mary Gay Scanlon, Madeleine Dean, Susan Wild, and Chrissy Houlahan introduced a bill to provide Legal Services to Women Veterans, requiring the VA to provide legal assistance to women veterans to help address their unique, unmet needs.

Representative Chrissy Houlahan is co-sponsoring paid family leave legislation to provide 12 weeks of paid leave to federal employees. If passed, it would be the first federally funded paid family medical leave policy


In the Legislature

Legislative Democrats have collectively introduced dozens of bills aimed at addressing sexual harassment in the workplace, including:

  • “Disclosing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act,” which would ban the requirement of nondisclosure agreements related to sexual harassment as a condition of getting a job.
  • “The Committee on Campus Violence in Higher Education Act,” to authorize the creation of a committee to work with institutions of higher education on issues related to campus violence.
  • “Protecting Workers from Discrimination and Harassment,”to ensure that all employees have the same workplace protections, regardless of the size of their employer or the type of work.
  • “Preventing Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace,” extending the amount of time a person has to file discrimination complaints with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
  • “#TimesUP – Sexual Harassment by Public Officials,” expanding the duties of the State Ethics Commission to investigate sexual harassment claims against officials and public employees at all levels of government in Pennsylvania.


Working to elect women

In 2018, PA Dems elected the largest contingent of women Pennsylvania has ever elected to the federal office and sent many energized female representatives to Harrisburg as well. 

We will continue supporting female candidates up and down the ballot to reach equal representation in government and ensure women are not forgotten in decision making.