Bucks County 2019 Election Guide


On November 5th, Bucks County Dems can break Republicans’ monopoly of local courts and flip county board for the first time in forty years! They can also win a selection of top county offices: Treasurer, Clerk, Coroner, and Register of Wills.

Winning those seats could transform Bucks County for years to come. The positions up for grabs can enact countywide gun safety programs, help secure Bucks County’s elections, and ensure that county contracts are collectively-bargained for with fair pay and benefits!

Every election matters, and we’re urging voters of Bucks County not only to vote, but to support our Democratic candidates every day until Election Day. Here’s who you’ll see on the ballot in countywide races this November and how to help them win.

Who’s on the Ballot

Pennsylvania Superior Court

Thousands rely on Pennsylvania courts for a fair shot in the era of mass incarceration, anti-union litigation, and GOP gerrymandering. We must ensure the Superior Court—our state’s second highest circuit—consists of judges who work for the people!

Amanda Green-Hawkins

Amanda Green-Hawkins grew up in a working-class union family. When she began her law career, she had the option to take a job at a high-powered law firm, but she chose to fight for workers instead.

For nearly twenty years, Amanda has defended workers’ rights in court as counsel for United Steelworkers. Now, she wants to fight for women and workers from the other side of the bench.

Dan McCaffery

Judge Dan McCaffery grew up in working-class Philadelphia and has spent all his adult life serving the people.

Currently, Judge McCaffery serves on the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in one of the country’s busiest trial divisions. His record is one of sterling integrity and fairness, and he’s the only candidate, in any party, Highly Recommended by the PA Bar Association.

For Retention: Judge Anne Lazarus

A third Superior Court candidate, Judge Anne Lazarus, is eligible for retention on the circuit this November. Democrats should vote “Yes” on Judge Lazarus’ retention vote.

Board of Commissioners

Bucks County’s Commissioners are responsible for the operation of county government, including county labor contracts, infrastructure investment, environmental control, election security, and more.

In 2019, Democrats can flip the board for the first time in nearly forty years and finally bring modern leadership to Bucks County!

Diane Ellis-Marseglia

Diane was first elected to the Board of commissioners in 2007. She has advocated for the improvement to policies and programs that are ineffective to residents.

During her tenure, she has championed programs including Code Blue, specialty courts, and Crisis Intervention Training.

Robert Harvie

Robert is a Social Studies teacher in Bucks County. He is running for County commissioner to improve outreach between the County, the residents, businesses, schools and local governments.

He believes the County needs to do a better job addressing job-training, mental health, addiction, and access to transportation.

Court of Common Pleas

The Court of Common Pleas has the authority to hear all varieties of cases within Bucks County. Judicial terms run for ten years, which makes this election critical!

Republicans currently occupy all twenty of Bucks County’s court seats, but this November we can elect three highly qualified Dems to the Court of Common Pleas: Charissa Liller, Jessica VanderKam, and Jordan Yeager!


Kris Ballerini

Kris Ballerini has thirteen years of financial institution experience as the former bank manager. Kris has also dedicated herself to serving as a voice for the needy. For 10 years, she spoke up for victims of crime on behalf of the county’s Network of Victim Assistance.

She is running for county treasurer because of her strong desire to serve Bucks County.

Clerk of Courts

Brian Monroe

Brian Munroe is a former firefighter/EMT, Navy veteran, and retired police corporal. He has served on the Warminster Township Board of Supervisors. For the position of clerk of courts, he has received commendations from Congressman Kurt Weldon and Mothers Against Drunk Driving for his commitment to DUI enforcement.


Meredith Buck, R.N., J.D.

Both an attorney and registered nurse, Meredith leads her own law practice focused on family mediation and medical-legal consulting. She’s also a Red Cross volunteer, a former leader of the Bucks County Bar Association, and a winner of nursing’s highest honor: the Florence Nightingale Award.

With such an impressive resume and devotion to the public good, Meredith is the obvious choice for Bucks County coroner.

Register of Wills

Linda Borbin

Linda is an attorney and small business owner and currently serves as a Newtown Township Supervisor.

Linda is also volunteer with a local hospice program and a participant in the “Election Protection” program run by the Bucks County Democratic Committee, where she travels to several polling places on election day to protect voters.

Making a Plan to Vote

Election Day 2019 is Tuesday, November 5th, and polls will be open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Make note of these key deadlines so your voice can be heard.

Voter Registration
October 7, 2019

Absentee Ballot Request
October 29, 2019

Absentee Ballot Submittal
November 1, 2019 | 5:00 PM

For any other voting questions or support, please visit the PA Dems Voting Center!

How to Help Dems Win

The PA Democratic Party and the Bucks Victory are organizing voters across the region in support of Bucks Democratic candidates. Your support is invaluable to that mission.

Volunteers are needed to knock doors, make phone calls, and help register voters! We also welcome donations to power our volunteer-led field campaign.