Delaware County 2019 Election Guide


On November 5th in Delaware County, three seats on county council, six judgeships, and the District Attorney’s office are on the countywide ballot.

Winning those seats could transform Delaware County for years to come! The positions up for grabs can enact new environmental policy, shift control of SEPTA’s board, deliver meaningful criminal justice reform, and help curb the gun violence epidemic.

Every election matters, and we’re urging the Democrats of DelCo not only to vote, but to support our Democratic candidates every day until Election Day. Here’s who you’ll see on the ballot in countywide races this November and how to help them win.

Who’s on the Ballot

Pennsylvania Superior Court

Thousands rely on Pennsylvania courts for a fair shot in the era of mass incarceration, anti-union litigation, and GOP gerrymandering. We must ensure the Superior Court—our state’s second highest circuit—consists of judges who work for the people!

Amanda Green-Hawkins

Amanda Green-Hawkins grew up in a working-class union family. When she began her law career, she had the option to take a job at a high-powered law firm, but she chose to fight for workers instead.

For nearly twenty years, Amanda has defended workers’ rights in court as counsel for United Steelworkers. Now, she wants to fight for women and workers from the other side of the bench.

Dan McCaffery

Judge Dan McCaffery grew up in working-class Philadelphia and has spent all his adult life serving the people.

Judge McCaffery now serves on the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in one of the country’s busiest trial divisions. His record is one of sterling integrity and fairness, and he’s the only candidate, in any party, Highly Recommended by the PA Bar Association.

For Retention: Judge Anne Lazarus

A third Superior Court candidate, Judge Anne Lazarus, is eligible for retention on the circuit this November. Democrats should vote “Yes” on Judge Lazarus’ retention vote.

District Attorney

It’s the duty of the District Attorney to protect the people of Delaware County, and current DA Kat Copeland has dropped the ball on that charge, especially as it relates to addressing the gun violence epidemic.

It’s time for Delaware County to elect a District Attorney committed to reform, transparency, and fairness.

Jack Stollsteimer

Jack knows the value of hard work. He worked with Treasurer Torsella to establish the PA ABLE savings program for people with disabilities, and as an independent prosecutor he’s ready to protect communities and restore faith in the justice system.

Jack aims to end the privatization of prisons, reform cash bail, stand up for working families, and implement smart policies to address the gun violence epidemic.

County Council

The Delaware County Council consists of five officials, each elected to staggered four year terms. In 2017, Democrats flipped two seats (the first popularly elected Democrats ever) and now need just one more win to control council for the first time!

If we do so, we’ll finally be in control of a number of key regional issues like public transportation accessibility, local environmental protection, and fair, secure access to the ballot box!

Monica Taylor

A campaign rooted in hard work and service, Monica is committed to protecting hardworking families through equal pay and a livable wage, affordable child care, and paid family leave.

Communities are strongest when we value economic prosperity while caring for the vulnerable. Monica is ready to be a voice for the people.

Elaine Paul Schaefer

Elaine has been a leader in preserving and protecting natural resources for over twenty years. She became deeply involved in local politics when she founded the Radnor Conservancy, leading the fight to save a historical farm from development.

Elaine is running for County Council to reform the unfair and inefficient county government, increase environmental preservation and sustainability, and address the lack of a county health department.

Christine Reuther

Christine knows how to make change in local government. She has worked to rebuild local infrastructure, improve financial accountability, and preserve open spaces on the Township Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners. 

Christine wants to free the county from the control of the Republican machine. She knows the challenges facing small municipalities and is ready to fight for her community.

Court of Common Pleas

The Court of Common Pleas has the authority to hear all varieties of cases within Delaware County. Judicial terms run for ten years, which makes this election critical!

No Democrat has ever been elected to Delaware County bench, but this November we can elect four highly qualified Dems to the Court of Common Pleas! It’s an unprecedented opportunity to shift the balance of justice.

Nusrat Rashid

With over two decades of legal experience, Nusrat has a proven record of advocacy and integrity. She has put her skills to serving the voiceless, becoming a legal advocate in Delaware County courts for individuals and families in crisis.

Nursat calls 2019 a historic opportunity to elect a balanced and inclusive court, creating a justice system that’s fair, impartial, and equally accessible for all people.

Stephanie Klein

Stephanie is the first Democrat and first woman elected as a magisterial district judge in Media, where she’s held the bench 18 years. Her judicial work is informed by ten years serving veterans, disabled individuals, and those who couldn’t otherwise afford a lawyer.

Stephanie also co-founded and co-chairs the Delaware County Bar Association’s Women in the Law Committee. She received the 2018 Bar President’s Award for her work.

Kelly Eckel

Kelly has practiced law in state, federal, and international courts for 22 years. For the past decade, she’s presided over cases for the American Arbitration Association, applying the law without bias or prejudice.

Kelly aims to bring experience, impartiality, and independence to Delaware County courts. She also brings a deep appreciation for the diversity of Delaware County communities.

Rick Lowe

Rick has shown a strong commitment to service over 36 years as a lawyer, arbitrator, and mediator. He has taught history to “lifers” in a max-security prison, led a legal non-profit, served as the first Democratic Mayor of Swarthmore, and advocated with Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Rick will lend respect, independence, compassion, and knowledge to every case and citizen he serves.

Making a Plan to Vote

Election Day 2019 is Tuesday, November 5th, and polls will be open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Make note of these key deadlines so your voice can be heard.

Voter Registration
October 7, 2019

Absentee Ballot Request
October 29, 2019

Absentee Ballot Submittal
November 1, 2019 | 5 PM

For any other voting questions or support, please visit the PA Dems Voting Center!

How to Help Dems Win

The PA Democratic Party and the Delaware County Democratic Committee are organizing voters across the region in support of DelCo Democratic candidates. Your support is invaluable to that mission.

Volunteers are needed to knock doors, make phone calls, and help register voters! We also welcome donations to power our volunteer-led field campaign.