Lackawanna County 2019 Election Guide


On November 5th in Lackawanna County, control of the county commissioners’ chamber, Scranton city government, county row offices, and a number of judicial seats are on the ballot.

Winning those seats could transform the county for years to come! The leaders we elect will oversee key human services functions, including the county prison, and play key roles in shaping our region’s environmental policies and economic growth. 

Every election matters, and we’re urging the Democrats of Lackawanna not only to vote, but to support our Democratic candidates every day until Election Day. Here’s who will be on the ballot in Lackawanna County this November and how to help them win.

Who’s on the Ballot

Pennsylvania Superior Court

Thousands rely on Pennsylvania courts for a fair shot in the era of mass incarceration, anti-union litigation, and GOP gerrymandering. We must ensure the Superior Court—our state’s second highest circuit—consists of judges who work for the people! 

Amanda Green-Hawkins

Amanda Green-Hawkins grew up in a working-class union family. When she began her law career, she had the option to take a job at a high-powered law firm, but she chose to fight for workers instead.

For nearly twenty years, Amanda has defended workers’ rights in court as counsel for United Steelworkers. Now, she wants to fight for women and workers from the other side of the bench.

Dan McCaffery

Judge Dan McCaffery grew up in working-class Philadelphia and has spent all his adult life serving the people.

Currently, Judge McCaffery serves on the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in one of the country’s busiest trial divisions. His record is one of sterling integrity and fairness, and he’s the only candidate, in any party, Highly Recommended by the PA Bar Association.

For Retention: Judge Anne Lazarus

A third Superior Court candidate, Judge Anne Lazarus, is eligible for retention on the circuit this November. Democrats should vote “Yes” on Judge Lazarus’ retention vote.

County Commissioner

The Lackawanna County Board of Commissioners is responsible for the operation of county government, including county budgets, finance, economic development, and environmental policy.

There are three seats on the council but only two nominees from each party. Democrats should vote for the Democratic team of Jerry Notarianni and Debi Domenick in November.

Debi Domenick

Since 2017, Debi has served as a trial lawyer for the county Public Defender’s Office, providing legal defense to clients who cannot afford it. The Dunmore native wants to build on her public service by giving a voice to Lackawanna County’s most vulnerable on council.

A single parent herself, Debi is running to lead a new era of progress for Lackawanna County’s working families!

Jerry Notarianni

Scranton native Jerry Notarianni has been serving the people of Lackawanna County for over thirty years as a business owner, Democratic chairman, Register of Wills, and now a county councilman. 

Jerry is the only incumbent nominated for re-election because the voters of Lackawanna County trust him to fight for change. He’ll continue his fight to reform county government and make life better for every single family he serves.

Clerk of Judicial Records

Mauri Kelly

Mauri Kelly is running for reelection in order to continue acting as the custodian of the documents for the Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas.

She knows experience is the most important qualification to adequately serve the public in this role, and she intends on continuing to prioritize the integration of new technologies into the office to increase productivity.

County Controller and Treasurer

The County Controller and County Treasurer are separate offices with a similar goal: ensuring all taxpayer dollars are used in an efficient, transparent, and productive manner.

Gary DiBileo for Controller

With nearly twenty years of public service, Gary is running for re-election as County Controller to continue his mission of cleaning up Lackawanna County’s finances.

Gary brings a wealth of private sector experience and public service experience to the office of Controller. He was a successful business leader and has served on the board of several local nonprofits, including the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce and the United Way.

Scranton Mayor

Scranton’s mayor is one of the leading voices in state and local affairs for the city’s 75,000+ hardworking residents. Scrantonians need a mayor who will ensure a safe, prosperous, and welcoming community for everyone.

Chris Cullen

Chris is running for Mayor of Scranton to restore the public’s faith in the leadership of City Hall.

As mayor, Chris plans to improve Scrantonians quality of life by investing in Scranton schools and neighborhoods. He’ll also work to improve the License, Inspections, and Permits Office and bring more transparency to the city’s top post.

Scranton City Council

City Council is the governing body of Scranton and its 75,000+ hardworking residents. With Democrats in control, Scrantonians can count on a city that invests in all its people and fosters an inclusive community for everyone.

Mark McAndrew

As a lifelong resident of Scranton, Mark is running for City Council in order to be an independent voice for transparency in the city government.

He currently serves as a board member for the Scranton School District.

Jessica Rothchild

Jessica Rothchild is a physical therapist and well-known LGBTQ activist. She wants to build residents’ trust in city government and promote the city’s affordable housing market and create incentives to retain Scranton’s younger residents.

Rothchild, an elected Democratic state committeewoman, serves as secretary of the LGBT Caucus for the state Democratic Party. If elected, she will be the first LGBTQ member of council!

Making a Plan to Vote

Election Day 2019 is Tuesday, November 5th, and polls will be open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Make note of these key deadlines so your voice can be heard.

Voter Registration
October 7, 2019

Absentee Ballot Request
October 29, 2019

Absentee Ballot Submittal
November 1, 2019 | 5:00 PM

For any other voting questions or support, please visit the PA Dems Voting Center!

How to Help Dems Win

The PA Democratic Party and the Lackawanna County Democratic Committee are organizing voters across the region in support of Lackawanna Democratic candidates. Your support is invaluable to that mission.

Volunteers are needed to knock doors, make phone calls, and help register voters! We also welcome donations to power our volunteer-led field campaign.