Mike Folmer Resigns; PA Democrats Prepare for Special Election


PENNSYLVANIA — In light of the arrest and resignation of Republican State Senator Mike Folmer, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills issued the following statement:

Pennsylvania Democrats are glad to see Senator Mike Folmer resign in light of the heinous behavior he is charged with. Our hearts go out to any children and families he has victimized.

We’re also thankful to Attorney General Shapiro, under whose leadership Folmer will face justice, and leaders like Governor Wolf, Lt. Governor Fetterman, and Leader Costa, whose calls for Folmer’s removal led to his timely resignation.

Pennsylvania Democrats are already preparing for the coming special election in which we’ll replace Mike Folmer with a leader who is actually worthy of serving Dauphin, Lebanon, and York counties. We’ll work hard to earn every vote and move one step closer to flipping the Pennsylvania Senate in 2020.